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Welcome to MyChart, the electronic gateway to your medical record.

MyChart is designed to provide you with easy access to your Burnsville Family Physicians medical records from your own computer. Through MyChart, you can read your lab results and access general medical information.  Please note that you cannot schedule visits via MyChart. Please contact our scheduling department at 952-435-0303 for scheduling. 


MyChart Account Login

MyChart Customer Support

  • If you are having problems accessing your MyChart record, please contact MyChart Access Services at 1-855-513-5513.

  • If you forget your password or need to change your password, please contact MyChart Access Services at 1-855-513-5513.

  • If you are within the application and are experiencing problems, there is a  Help button located within MyChart that may answer your question(s).

  • You can grant a spouse, or someone who helps you manage your health, full access to your medical records, as long as they are currently a patient of Burnsville Family Physicians

  • Currently there are no fees for accessing MyChart

  • You are granted full authority by proxy to access your child's medical chart if your child is between the ages of 0-12. If your child is between the ages of 13-18 you will be granted partial access to his/her medical record. These age ranges comply with state regulations designed to protect minors who seek treatment for pregnancy, chemical abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. For further information on access to your child's medical records please contact the release of information staff.

  • Several areas provide a printer-friendly report. You may print your Health Summary, Medications, and Immunizations. Click on the section you wish to view. Click on the Printer Friendly Page link to print the report you are viewing.

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