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  • Patient voicemails can only be left during our scheduled hours of operation. If you need to leave a message, please call back during our scheduled business hours and a staff member will return your call. 

  • After hour calls can route to the on call provider for URGENT MATTERS ONLY.

  • If you need a refill of your medication or to schedule an appointment, please call back during business hours. 

Scheduling & Clinic Hours

Our Office Hours:

Monday-Wednesday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Thursday 7:30am - 5:00pm

Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Scheduling and Check-In:

We ask that you schedule all appointments in advance. The direct number to schedule is 952-435-0303.  We are able to schedule some appointments for the same day, depending upon the nature of the appointment.

We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment time, as there may be paperwork or updates that need to be completed prior to your seeing the provider. 

"No Show" Policy:

We have a "no show" policy at our clinic. The goal of the policy is to enable us to continue offering same day appointments.

If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Repeated "no shows" will result in surcharges or dismissal of patients from the clinic.

Insurance Cards:

You will be asked to provide a copy of your insurance card at every visit. You will also be asked to update your demographic and billing information on an annual basis. This is for your protection, so that we can ensure that we are billing the appropriate insurance company for your charges, and that we always have the most up to date address and phone number so we can reach you with important information.

No Insurance:

If you do not have insurance, we will require a $200 good faith payment for established patients (seen within the last 3 years) or a $300 good faith payment for new patient visits. You are entitled to a good faith estimate from our billing department if requested at least 5 days prior to your visit. This can be requested with our scheduling staff at 952-435-0303. This estimate will be emailed to you within a few days of your visit. 


Copays are required by your insurance for most visits and must be paid when you check in for your appointment.


Authorization to Release Medical Records

Burnsville Family Physicians/i-Health Notice of Privacy Practices

MSHSL 2022-2023 Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Form

New Patient Information

Minor Consent Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Office 

How do I handle problems with insurance claims?

It is important that patients with insurance coverage realize that professional services are rendered to a person, not an insurance company. Therefore, the insurance company is responsible to the patient and the patient is responsible to Burnsville Family Physicians.

You are advised to contact your insurance company to verify your coverage if you have any questions. We do not assume liability for services not covered by your plan. Please refer to our financial policy for information regarding our policy for the payment of patient account balances.

We understand the frustrations in dealing with the multiple restrictions of various insurance plans. We will try to work with you to solve any problems that arise. However, you are ultimately responsible for understanding your insurance plan, and for providing us with complete information in order for us to file your claims accurately and timely. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Business Office at 952-512-5655.

How do I handle Workman's Compensation claims?

If you advise Burnsville Family Physicians that you are covered under your employer's Workmans' Compensation Insurance, we will submit all related claims to that company.  In order for us to submit your charges to that insurance company:

  1. A "First Report of Injury" must be completed by your employer.

  2. The form must be forwarded to the insurance in order get your claim processed without a denial. If this report is not filed, the insurance company will deny your claim.

  3. We need the work comp insurance company name, address and contact person.
    In the likelihood that your Workmans' Compensation claim is denied we will file your claim to your health insurance. We ask that you provide us with your health insurance information at the time of your visit for your work related injury.

I'm a New Patient. Is There Anything Special I Need to Do?

If you have an insurance that we are contracted with (i.e. Blue Cross, HealthPartners, Medica, etc.), we will collect from you only the copay as stated on your insurance card.

If your insurance subsequently makes payment for your services, we will refund you any overpayment you have made. If you see a refund is due to you, please feel free to contact our business office at 952-512-5655.

If you have no insurance, we offer a discount for payment at time of service. We offer a discount of 20% off of the total charges.

If you do not have insurance, we will require a $200 good faith payment for established patients (seen within the last 3 years) or a $300 good faith payment for new patient visits. You are entitled to a good faith estimate from our billing department if requested at least 5 days prior to your visit. This can be requested with our scheduling staff at 952-435-0303. This estimate will be emailed to you within a few days of your visit. 

Do I Need a Referral to See a Specialist?

Referral Coordinator Direct Line: 952-435-0305

Several insurance plans require that you have a referral in place before seeing a specialist for any reason. Generally these types of plans require you to select a specific primary care clinic and/or a primary care provider. You are required to see your primary care provider first, and he or she will determine if specialty care is needed. If a specialist is needed, you must see a specialist within a defined network.  To assist you in this process, we have a referral coordinator who is familiar with these plans and their various networks. Our providers and clinical staff are also familiar with these plans and will direct you appropriately.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please contact them directly. If you need assistance in accessing specialty care, and insuring that necessary referrals are in place, please contact our referral coordinator at 952-435-0305.

How Do I Handle Third Party Liability Visits?

If you have been injured or become ill, and a third party is responsible for the charges, please note that you are responsible for these charges. Burnsville Family Physicians will not file these claims to a third party, nor will we wait for payment from them. We will provide you with a bill, and you may file your claim with that third party. You are responsible for making payment for services received to Burnsville Family Physicians.

The only exception to this policy is for an automobile related injury. In this case, we will as a courtesy, file the claim to your motor vehicle insurance one time. If payment has not been received within 30 days, you will be billed and as stated above are responsible for making payment for services received to Burnsville Family Physicians.

**Minnesota statute 62J.812 requires our clinic to publish charges for our most common services, along with average reimbursement from government and commercial insurance.

Click the link below for the most common services at our clinic.

Clinical Questions

Who do I call for a prescription refill?

  • All patients are required to be seen at least once each year to renew medications. Sometimes, further follow-up is needed to determine progress and the need for a medication change. We understand that this may pose an inconvenience to you, however, we feel that it is in the best interest of your health. 

  • Due to the large number of calls for prescription refills, we ask that you call your pharmacy first to get your refill. The pharmacy will then call us for approval.

  • Make sure when you start running low on your medication, that you call your pharmacy for a refill. It is advisable to get a refill of your medication when you have a 5 - 7 day supply remaining. This is a good practice to insure that you do not run out of your medication.

  • If the provider at Burnsville Family Physicians is unable to refill your prescription because you need to be seen for an office visit, many times the pharmacist is able to give you a short supply to get you through until you can be seen here. This pertains mainly to blood pressure and thyroid medications. Because we care about your health, it is our recommendation that you not wait that long to get your medications refilled.

Mail Order Prescriptions

  • Patients who will be using a mail order pharmacy benefit need to inform their primary provider at the time of their office visit. Since most mail order pharmacies prefer a prescription written for a three month supply with refills for a year, Burnsville Family Physicians requires that all NEW mail order requests be made at an office visit. This is to insure that your primary provider can review your medications and the conditions that require those medications.

Clinical Support Information Calls


If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911

Clinical Support  Direct Dial Number: 952-435-0328

  • Clinical support staff will be happy to answer your questions about baby care, minor illnesses, medications, preparation for hospital procedures, x-rays, or other concerns. There is a clinical support staff member available to answer your calls from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday - Thursday, and 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on Friday.

  • Although the providers cannot leave their patients to come to the phone, you can leave a detailed message and the clinical support staff member will relay your concerns to the provider, and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Due to the large volume of telephone calls for clinical support, please allow ample time for the clinical support staff member to call you back.

  • Make sure to leave a detailed message, with the spelling of the patient's name, patients, date of birth, your concern and a telephone number where you can be reached by the clinical support staff member. If you are unavailable for a return call, please indicate whether or not the clinical support staff member may leave a message on your answering machine.

  • If you are not feeling well, please make an appointment to see your provider, rather than waiting to speak with clinical support personnel. In many cases, the provider will ultimately recommend that you come in for an appointment to see them, based upon your symptoms. It is often easier to get a convenient appointment earlier in the day while they are still available.

What Do I Need to Know if My Child Needs a Sports Physical?

  • If your child plans to participate in sports at their school, they may be required to have a physical exam by their physician which states they are in good physical condition and are able to safely participate in school sports.

  • Prior to bringing your child for their sports physical appointment, please download the Sports Physical Exam Form and complete the appropriate questions. Bring this form with you to the appointment. Your physician will complete and sign the form at the time of your appointment.


What do I need to know if I am planning to travel out of the country?

  • If you are planning a trip out of the country, we would be happy to assist you in your travel immunizations.

  • We recommend that you visit the CDC website: or contact your travel agent to find out the necessary shots, and then call our office. In some cases, we can schedule a "nurse only" appointment to update your immunizations.

  • If you need malaria or typhoid prevention, you will need to schedule an office visit with your physician to obtain these prescriptions.

Let us help! Call our clinical support line for assistance at 952-435-0328.


Your resource for information about policies, coverage, and billing.

  • i-Health accepts a wide range of health plans.  We encourage you to check with your insurance to make sure your health plan provides coverage for your care.

  • Insurance benefits have become very complex in the last several years.  Your benefit plan may only limit you to treat with a subset of contracted providers.  In addition for patients that may require surgery, i-Health may be in-network with your insurance plan but the surgical facility may be out-of-network. Due to the complexity of insurance benefits, i-Health requests that all of our patients contact your insurance if you have any questions regarding in-network providers offered by your insurance plan. 

Billing/Financial FAQ

As a patient of i-Health, you may have questions regarding your bill. We have listed some common questions and answers for you that will help explain and provide additional information about your bill.

Q. When will I receive my first statement?

A. i-Health will submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance carrier. After your insurance provider processes your claim, i-Health will send you a statement outlining any out-of-pocket costs you may have. Your statement will include any deductibles and/or co-insurance amounts you may owe. You will receive a statement approximately 30 days after you receive services. Co-payments are due at the time of service.


Q. Should I bring my insurance card with me?

A. Yes, i-Health will need the information on your insurance card to correctly file a claim with your insurance company. You will be asked to present your insurance card at each visit.


Q. Do I need a referral?

A. The need for a referral differs by insurance plan. Please contact your insurance company directly prior to scheduling an appointment to inquire whether i-Health is in-network for your health plan. Obtaining a referral is the responsibility of the patient.


Q. Do I need a prior authorization?

A. The need for a prior authorization differs by insurance plan and the type of procedure or service being provided. i-Health will initiate the prior authorization request from your insurance company for you; however, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have prior authorization before receiving certain health care procedures and/or services.


Q. Why didn’t my insurance company cover my entire bill?

A. Out-of-pocket expenses are determined by your insurance plan during claim processing. These amounts may include co-payments, deductibles, and/or co-insurance. If you have questions or don’t agree or understand the amounts you owe, please contact your insurance company directly as they determine patient responsibility amounts for any services provided to you based on your insurance plan contract.


Q. When do I become responsible for my bill?

A. You are responsible for your bill at the time you receive services from Burnsville Family Physicians. We will work with you and your insurance company to get all eligible benefits processed in a timely manner. We will send you a statement approximately 30 days after you receive services for any patient responsibility amounts you may owe.


Q. I have received my first statement and I am not able to pay my entire balance.  Does i-Health allow flexibility in payment terms?

A. While i-Health encourages patients to pay in full after your first statement, we understand that some may need flexible payment options.  i-Health does offer some limited payment plans based on your balance.  Length of time allowed is also based on your balance.  If you need greater flexibility than what i-Health can offer, we do have a relationship with Care Credit.  More information on Care Credit can be found on our website.


Q. Is there a charge for Medical Supplies given at my visit?

A. Depending on the type of supply, there may be a charge associated with it. Not all supplies are considered covered benefits by your plan, however many are.

Medical Records

  • Burnsville Family Physicians is in compliance with all federal and state guidelines in terms of your medical record. Your medical record, and all information you share with the providers or staff at Burnsville Family Physicians is confidential.

  • If you need to have records released, we are required by law to have you complete a written release, which allows us to transfer your records. A release is specific to one transfer of information to one location. A separate release must be signed each time you request a record transfer. A separate release must be signed for each family member requesting a transfer of records. Each release must be signed by the patient, except in the case of a minor child, or if there is a power of attorney on record for another adult.

  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the completion of a record transfer request.

Who owns the medical record?

Physician's Right to the Medical Record: Minn Stat. 144.335. Subd/3a:

  • The provider owns the physical record. The information belongs to the patient, but the record itself belongs to the physician.

  • As allowed by Minnesota State Statute, Burnsville Family Physicians reserves the right to assess a fee for the preparation of patient medical records. The processing and retrieval fee is $13.50, plus $1.00 for each copied page

Medical Record Guidelines:

  • Patient's Right to Medical Records: Minn. Stat. 144.335. Subd/3a:

  • Upon a patient's written request, a provider, at a reasonable cost to the patient, shall promptly furnish to the patient: copies of the patient's health record, including but not limited to laboratory reports, x-rays, prescriptions, and other technical information used in assessing the patient's health condition; or the pertinent portion of the record relating to a condition specified by the patient.

"Welcome to Medicare" Physical Exams

Initial Preventive Physical Examination

  • The new Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE), which is also referred to as the "Welcome to Medicare" Physical Exam, is a covered service to all newly enrolled beneficiaries on Medicare Part B, with effective dates that begin on or after January 1, 2005.  This one-time benefit must be received by the beneficiary within the first twelve months of Medicare Part B coverage.

  • The goals of the IPPE, are health promotion and disease detection, and include education, counseling, and referral for screening and preventive services also covered under Medicare Part B.

  • The Welcome to Medicare (IPPE) is NOT a routine, preventive physical. It is a HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT with specific requirements. This assessment must include:

1. Review of medical and social history with attention to risk factors for disease (includes alcohol, tobacco,etc).
2. Review of individual potential of depression (encourage use of PHQ-9).
3. Review of individual functional ability and level of safety, using appropriate screening questions.
4. An exam to include height, weight, blood pressure, visual acuity and other factors deemed appopriate by physican based upon patients medical history.
5. EKG - only if deemed necessary by MD.
6. Education, counseling and referral based on the indivual patient's history and exam.
7. Education, counseling and referral for appropriate screening services, ie pneumococcal, influenza, hepatitis B vaccines, mammogram, pap and pelvic, prostrate screening, colorectal screening, etc


The provider will assist you in scheduling any additional testing or preventive services which may be necessary at a later date.

NOTE:  The IPPE does not include any clinical laboratory tests.  The physician may provide and bill separately for screening and other preventive services that are currently covered by Medicare Part B, as well as for services not covered with an appropriate waiver signed by the patient, usually at a later visit.

Coverage Information

Coverage of the IPPE visit is provided as a Medicare Part B benefit. Please note that the IPPE visit is subject to the annual Medicare Part B deductible. The coinsurance applies after the yearly Medicare Part B deductible has

What is an Advanced Directive Document?

What is Advance Care Planning (ACP)?

Advance care planning is a process by which health care professionals speak with you to help you:

  • Comprehend your health and medical conditions and health care treatment options so that you can make decisions about treatments you may or may not want in the future

  • Communicate your choices to family, loved ones, and health care providers

  • Consider your background, spirituality, culture and values when you think about your future health care

Why participate in advance care planning?

  • Decisions about end-of-life care are deeply personal.  Advance care planning provides you with an opportunity to decide and communicate your wishes based on your personal values, beliefs and culture.  It also gives you the chance to learn more about the medical care options available to you.  Advance care planning can be a reassuring gift to your loved ones.

What is a health care directive?

  • A health care directive is sometimes called an advance directive or living will. It is a legal, written document that lays out your personal choices for health care if you are ever unable to talk about your choices in the future. For example, if you were in a coma, the health care directive would be able to direct your health care team. The directive names a health care agent (chosen by you) who can make sure that your choices are followed. You can change your health care directive at any time and it is recommended that you review it annually to make sure it shows your most current wishes.

What is a health care agent?

  • A health care agent is someone chosen by you to make health care decisions for you if you cannot make them yourself. The agent is named in your health care directive and must be at least 18 years of age.

What is the POLST?

  • POLST stands for Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. The POLST turns a health care directive into medical orders to be followed by medical professionals in case of emergency. Your doctor may suggest a POLST form if you have a chronic and/or life-limiting illness.  

How do I begin the Advance Care Planning process?

  • Speak with your doctor, a nurse, or other staff to arrange for an advance care planning facilitator to meet with you. If you feel confident that you know what decisions you’d like to make already, just ask for a copy of the health directive form. The form includes instructions for completion however it is suggested that you go over the form with a trained professional.

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